Yodeling In Music

This guy is best in it... GREAT! And of course he got a fantastic hat :D.

My first EP 'Famous' is out now! Listen here: https://MasonRamsey.lnk.to/FamousID I'm also going on my first tour! Hope to see you there ❤ Tickets ...

I show everyone how to make that "breaking" noise in your yodeling.

Der Jodlerkonig, Franzl Lang.

Francelle Maria and Mathieu Leger perform the classic hit from the 1940's "He Taught me to Yodel" Check out the Ultimate Yodel Series on Youtube for more!

When you mix pop and rock with yodels you get the perfect song for Eurovision. Watch this video and vote “Yodel It!” at Eurovision Song Contest Final 2017!

One of the most popular yodel tunes in European music. Lyrics: I went across to Switzerland Where all the Yodellers be To try to learn to yodel With my ...

Maddie Leigh covers I Want To Be A Cowboy;s Sweetheart, a yodeling song first performed by Patsy Montana in 1935.

Norman Wisdom - The Yodeling Song.

Song entirely made by me Hi guys, so many of you requested this so here it is!!! I really hope you guys will like it and make sure to follow @fredcl on instagram: ...

Lydia singing "My Little Lady Who" at the Americana Theatre in Branson.

A great medley! First Yasmine-Mélanie Wyrsch sings 'Amore Fantastico'. Then Nicolas Senn plays the 125-string Appenzeller Hackbrett. Third is Lisa Stoll ...

10 Hours of Franzl Lang, just tearing the place up with some extreme yodeling, while wearing a fancy hat. If you've watched the entire video, you deserve major ...

Taylor Pfeiffer performing "My Daddy Was A Yodeling Cowboy" at Music City Roots live from the Tamworth Town Hall on 1.24.2013.

Music channel & Interested in joining a Network? Join Freedom with me NOW! https://www.freedom.tm/via/BabyBearBass EYYYY what's going on everyone!

Song 15 from "Wylie and The Wild West - LIVE! At the Tractor Tavern" DVD - Produced by Wylie Gustafson and Nimble Productions, Directed by Brian H. Barnett.

HOW TO YODEL Lessons 2 & 3 here: https://bethwilliamsmusic.com/yodeling/ Beth Williams is an Award Winning Singer- Songwriter who ALSO teaches ...

11-year-old Taylor Ware yodeling from America's Got Talent.

Created with Smule - https://www.smule.com #SofiaShkidchenko #MasonRamsey April, 2019.

You CAN do it! Jennifer Ranger of Kattywompus String Band shows you how. Check out all our yodeling lessons: Lesson 2: ...

Learn HOW TO YODEL CATTLE CALL! Performing Songwriter Beth Williams teaches you how to yodel on one of the most popular yodeling songs ever.

Franzl Lang the best german yodeler, the favorite singer of my buddy Skullpat. Franzl Lang le meilleur yodeler allemand, chanteur préféré de mon pote Skullpat.

R.I.P, Yodel King FRANZL LANG, December 28, 1930 to December 6, 2015. A collection of the happy yodel parts from Franzl Lang's songs I found on Youtube.

Ninety one year old woman singing and yodeling a Swiss song.

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